Adept Precision Sheetmetal Ltd.
Punching ToPs 300
Off Line programming system

2 x Trumpf Trumatic
1000 Rotation Machines
Working capacity 2070mm x 1280mm
Bending 2 x Trumpf Press Brakes V85
c/w full CNC DA65 control
Capacity 850kn x 2 metre bed
 Hardware Insertion
General Plant 1 x Haeger 618 auto
c/w autofeed system

1 x Haeger 618 manual


Welding 3 x Tig Welders (Miller Syncrowave 350LX)

2 x Mig Welder (Miller Blupak 35)

1 x 50 KVA Overhead Portable Spot Welder
(suitable for aluminium)

2 x 50 KVA Spot Welder (suitable for aluminium)

1 x 20 KVA Spot Welder

1 x Studfast CD10 System Studwelder

Gas welding and brazing equipment

 Various Other Items
Rolling Rolling
Rolling Rolling

1 x Luna Motor Powered Bending Roller
Max length 1040mm
Min dia 80mm

1 x Cebora Plasma Cutter

2 x Number 6 Flypresses

3 x Linishing Machines

1 x Rumble Burr machine

Milling, Drilling, Turning, Surface grinding and Sawing

Various Hand Tools, including Nutserting equipment

Plus fully equipped inspection department

1 x Amada FIM V 254 Corner Notcher 250mm x 250mm

1 x Edwards 3 x 3 Notcher

Please note that our Plant is constantly being updated, so do not hesitate to telephone us on 01256 893177 if you are not sure if our Plant is able to service your requirements.